Are you in search of substantial growth through
the power of data-driven pricing analytics, all integrated into a SaaS solution?

Look no further. Insights-37 – your dedicated pricing analytics SAAS platform & consultancy – is here to empower your business with invaluable pricing insights, revolutionizing your profitability and revenue management strategies.

With Insights-37 by your side, you gain access to a world of pricing analytics expertise that propels your business forward. Our mission is clear: to help you harness the full potential of your market, production & pricing data, enabling you to make informed decisions that enhance your bottom line.

Who We Are​

We are experienced pricing consultants with a passion for analytics, data-driven revenue management, dynamic monetisation strategies, and our approach is structured, human-centric, and entrepreneurial in execution.

Our Mission​

We deliver integrated pricing analytics to drive sustainable revenue and profit growth in alignment with your business and market strategy. Experience a new era of informed decisions and corporate success with our tailored SaaS solutions.

What We Do

Consultancy Pricing Services
Data Integration
Data Manipulation
Pricing Insights
Technical Support​

Unleash the Power of Data-Driven Pricing Analytics for B2B/2C

Analytics is crucial for making informed pricing decisions in the B2B/2C sector. Our service aims to provide your business with the tools and insights needed to achieve effective pricing strategies. With data-driven analysis, we ensure that you have a clear vision of your pricing landscape, empowering you to optimize profitability and stay competitive in the market.


Net Sales Improvement through improved price strategy


Net Sales Improvement through improved price execution


Cost Avoidance & Efficiency Improvement

Doing Pricing Analytics the Right Way is Impactful

Of course, different industries will get different returns from data driven insights, however, there is not a single of our customers that did not get significant benefits of doing analytics ‘The Right Way’.

Integrated Analytics in 4 Steps


We seamlessly connect to your databases, unlocking the power of your data without hassle.


Our cutting-edge tools expertly manipulate and refine your data, ensuring it’s primed for analysis


Transform complex data sets into intuitive visuals, making patterns and trends leap off the screen.

Reveal Insights

Uncover valuable, actionable insights that drive informed decisions, steering your business toward success.

Create Your Success Story with Our Optimized Approach

  • We have a passion for Pricing, Revenue Management and Monetization
  • We are experts in analytics
  • We believe that a true collaborative relationship is the foundation of consultancy and consider the transfer of our knowledge as the basis of our advisory work
  • We help you build your analytical skills so you drive optimal insights for you company.

They Already Trusted Us

Companies where we applied analytical insights (on premise or SaaS) as part of impactful consulting assignments